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Compare Similar Essential Oils, Equivalents, and Substitutes between Butterfly Express, doTERRA, Earthsonnets (formerly Pure Generic), and Young Living

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Butterfly Express Mfg., ButterflyExpress.com, Earthsonnets, doTERRA, & Young Living


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EARTHSONNETS.COM has deeper discounts. Our oils are repackaged, discounted Butterfly Express.

BUTTERFLYEXPRESS.COM alps man with bottleshas a wider selection. Butterfly Express has been providing reliable and affordable, high quality oils for over 20 years.

Earthsonnets owns both of these websites, so ... either way, we've got you covered!

You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality and affordability of Earthsonnets oils. We are not a multi-level marketing company. Read our Testimonials

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The names under Young Living are registered trademarks of Aromatic Research Technology D.B.A. Young Living.
The names under doTERRA are registered trademarks of doTERRA International, LLC.

Earth Sonnets is not affiliated in any way with Aromatic Research Technology, Young Living or doTERRA International, LLC.

Young Living Earthsonnets   Earthsonnets Young Living
Aroma Life Vitality   Aspire R.C.
Aroma Siez Warm Down   Balance Mister
Di-Tone Inside-Out   Breezey Raven
Endo Flex Endo Relief   Deeper Relieve It
Mister Balance   Deliverance Thieves
M-Grain My-graine   Endo Relief Endo Flex
Pain Away Pain Away   Inside-Out Di-Tone
Peace & Calming Tranquility   Millenia Valor
Purification Purify   My-graine M-Grain
R.C. Aspire   Paine PanAway
Raven Breezey   Purify Purification
Relieve It Deeper   Tranquility Peace & Calming
Thieves Deliverance   Vitality Aroma Life
Valor Millenia   Warm Down Aroma Siez


doTERRA Earthsonnets   Earthsonnets doTERRA
AromaTouch Warm Down   Aspire, Breezey Breathe
Breathe Breezey, Aspire   Deeper Deep Blue*
Deep Blue* Deeper   Deliverance, Spice C On Guard
DigestZen Inside-Out   Inside-Out DigestZen
On Guard Deliverance, Spice C   MyGraine Past Tense
Past Tense MyGraine   Purify Purify
Purify Purify   Tranquility Serenity
Serenity Tranquility   Warm Down AromaTouch
Slim and Sassy Weightless, Endo Relief   Weightless, Endo Relief Slim and Sassy

Earthsonnets oils are repackaged and discounted Butterfly Express.

*Deep Blue contains camphor, which may antidote homeopathics.

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