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Find which essential oils have been used traditionally

to support various body systems and  functions.

The information contained in this document is based on traditional uses and current literature. It has not been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any ailment or condition. This is provided here as a public service and for your information only. Please consult a qualified health professional before using.

Abscesses, dental -- Clove, Deliverance, Purify -- Apply, diluted, to gum area.

Abundance -- Orange Sweet, Clove -- Orange: Diffuse; wear as perfume; use in the bath; apply to wrists or temples. Clove: Inhale. Dilute very well when applying to the skin.

Allergies -- Aspire, Breezey -- Inhale; diffuse; use in the bath.

Anorexia -- Purify, Millenia, Grapefruit -- Apply to stomach and to the bottom of the feet. Might be advisable to also diffuse or wear any of the oils used for depression, etc.

Anti-inflammatory -- Deeper, Warm Down, Paine, Peppermint -- Dilute and apply to affected muscles or joints.

Antiseptic -- Purify -- All essential oils are antiseptic to some degree. This is just one of the favorites.

Arthritis -- Vitality, Warm Down, Millenia, Paine, Tranquility

Asthma -- Breezey, Aspire, Peppermint, Eucalptus, Thyme, Lavender (for babies) -- Apply over lungs (front & back) & throat; diffuse. Put on cotton ball or cloth & inhale (many other singles are listed as helpful). Place on pad of foot.

Athlete's Foot -- Deliverance, Cypress, Tea Tree, Thyme -- Apply to feet (may want to dilute with distilled water); put a few drops in water and soak the feet.

Babies (in general) -- Chamomile - sleep, calming; Lavender - calming, (too much is stimulating)

Back Pain & Trouble -- Millenia, Paine, Warm Down -- Dilute and massage along the spine.

Belching, Bloating -- Inside Out, Peppermint -- Dilute and massage over stomach and abdomen.

Bites, Stings -- Purify, Tea Tree -- Apply 1 drop, undiluted, to the area.

Bladder, Bed-wetting, Infection (Cystitis) -- Cypress, Cedarwood -- Apply over kidneys, best as a hot compress. Rub on abdomen at bedtime.

Blisters -- Lavender, Lavender & Chamomile -- Apply 1 drop. Blot gently with a clean cloth.

Blood Pressure -- Vitality, Lavender -- Apply over the heart; diffuse; cotton ball in vents; in a relaxing bath.

Bone Spurs -- Paine, Deeper -- If possible, use Arnica Oil as a Carrier and apply these oils topically. Arnica deals with the bruising, which is what is causing most of the pain. It takes a little time, but this has been known to dissolve spurs.

Bronchitis -- Breezey, Aspire, Delivrance, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Peppermint -- Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to the chest; diffuse; place on the pillow.

Bruises -- Paine, Deliverance -- Best if applied in a carrier oil that contains Arnica.

Burns -- Lavender -- Nothing beats lavender applied to a burn.

Bursitis -- Warm Down, Paine -- Dilute and apply to the shoulder area.

Candida -- Endo Relief, Tea Tree -- Dilute with Massage Oil, apply on stomach area, feet or over abdomen; can also be diluted (well) and used as a douche.

Canker / Cold Sores -- Deliverance -- Rinse mouth with water in which 2 drops of oil has been added.

Capillaries -- Vitality, Lavender -- Dilute with a carrier oil and apply topically to the area. Apply as a compress or in a bath.

Cardiovascular Health -- Vitality -- Dilute and apply to chest; inhale; diffuse.

Cavities (teeth) -- Deliverance -- Use to brush teeth (add a drop to the toothpaste on your toothbrush, diluted with water, if straight is too strong for you).

Charley Horse -- Warm Down -- Dilute and apply to the area.

Circulation -- Vitality, Paine, Tranquility -- Diffuse; use in a bath; massage; compress over specific area.

Cleaner, household -- Orange Sweet -- Diluted makes a great disinfectant. Can be applied neat to most surfaces (check an out of the way spot) works amazingly well on grease.

Colds -- Aspire, Deliverance, Tea Tree -- Diffuse; place on a tissue and sniff; use in a tub; place on forehead, temples, back of neck and chest. One recommendation: Breezey on the back, Aspire on the chest, with Deliverance on the feet - all diluted well, of course.

Colon -- Peppermint, Inside Out -- Dilute and apply to abdomen or use as a compress.

Concentration -- Rosemary -- Inhale: diffuse; apply to wrists or forehead.

Cuts -- Geranium -- Apply neat or dilute with water.

Dandruff -- Peppermint, Cedarwood, Tea Tree -- Add a few crops to your normal shampoo.

Dental Infection -- Deliverance -- Apply to jaw and gums - diluted; place 2 drops in water and swish around the mouth.

Diaper Rash -- Lavender -- Dilute with carrier oil and massage on the rash with each diaper change.

Digestion -- Peppermint, Inside Out -- Dilute and apply to the stomach and colon area. Apply along the spine or on the bottoms of the feet.

Dishwashing -- Lemon -- Add a few drops to dishwasher or dish water.

Disinfect / Deodorize -- Purify, Copaiba Balsam -- In vacuum cleaner; diffuse; add to cleaning water and use in a spray mister.

Endocrine Balance -- Endo Relief -- Diffuse; use as aroma therapy; apply to lymph areas of the body (essential oils can act as hormones or stimulate the body to produce the needed hormones).

Environmental Toxins -- Deeper -- Dilute and apply to the feet or along the spine.

Fainting (see shock) -- Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender -- Hold one of the listed oils under the nose.

Fatigue -- Peppermint, Vitality, Warm Down -- Diffuse or smell frequently. High frequency; helps with 'energy' fatigue. 1-2 drops in bath; dilute for massage. Especially for tired muscles.

Fever -- Lavender (babies) -- Dilute and apply to spine, back of neck, and feet.

Flu -- Deeper, Aspire, Breezey -- Apply to Thymus area, chest, back, feet and wherever the flu is settled and creating aches and pains.

Gallstones -- Peppermint -- Apply as a compress over the gallbladder area; apply on the feet. Use under a doctor's care. 

Gingivitis -- Deliverance -- Apply on throat and gums; dilute in water and swish around the mouth.

Gums -- Deliverance -- Apply, diluted, to the affected area.

Hair, color -- Chamomile Roman (blonde hair), Rosemary (for brunettes) -- 2 or 3 drops added to clear water, shampoo or conditioner and massaged into hair one or two times a week will give highlights to hair and cover or eliminate graying.

Hair, health -- Cypress, Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme -- 1 or 2 drops of each, added to clear water, shampoo or conditioner, and massaged into the scalp 1 or 2 times a week. Can be added to Almond Oil carrier and then a warm towel placed around the head - just like a salon hot oil treatment, only much better.

Headaches -- Lavender, Vitality, Warm Down, Balance, MyGrain, Deeper -- There are as many different kinds of headaches as there are people (most people even have more than one kind of headache). Massage an oil from the list onto the arteries in the neck until you find what works for you; diffusing is also effective.

Heart, palpitations -- Vitality -- Apply, diluted, to chest; aroma; place on temples.


Heartburn -- Peppermint, Inside Out -- Apply over stomach, colon, thymus.


Hemorrhoids -- Cypress, Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree -- Dilute well in carrier oil or KY Jelly, apply (with a Q-tip, if necessary) to the affected area.


Hernia (inguinal, hiatal) -- Lavender, Rosemary -- Dilute and apply to the area.


Hives / Allergic Rashes -- Peppermint, Chamomile Roman, Lavender -- Dilute in Carrier Oil, massage over area. 2 drops in 1/4 cup of baking soda, use in the bath. Use with bentonite clay and aloe vera.

Hormone Balance -- Balance, Vitality, Endo Relief, MyGrain, Deeper -- Apply to Thymus area; inside of ankles (around the bone); lower back; thyroid area; along the spine; the clavicle area; diffuse.


Hot Flashes -- Endo Relief, Balance -- Apply these oils, diluted, around the bone on the inside of the ankles.

Hyperactivity -- Tranquility, Millenia -- Apply to the feet; diffuse; wear anywhere on the body.

Hypoglycemia -- Deliverance -- Apply over pancreas area on body or feet; diffuse.

Immune Stimulant -- Deliverance, Breezey -- Massage any one of the listed oils on feet and body; diffuse; use in the bath

Insect Repellant -- Peppermint -- Apply with carrier oil to exposed skin. Re-apply after swimming or perspiring heavily. 

Insomnia -- Tranquility, Cedarwood -- Tranquility is for the "chattering mind" insomnia. Apply oils to big toes, bottom of feet, around navel and on the back of the neck; diffusing on placing on the pillow is easier and often just as effective.

Jaundice -- Geranium -- Applied, or as a compress, over the liver - diluted.

Kidneys -- Vitality (congestion), Endo Relief -- Apply as a compress over the kidneys; be sure to drink plenty of distilled water.

Laundry -- Lemon, Orange Sweet, Pine, Deliverance [Any citrus, evergreen, or whatever you like] -- Add a few drops to the water in the washer or place a few drops on the dryer sheet that you ordinarily use. Essential oils destroy bacteria and provide a fresh, clean smell.

Ligaments, Torn -- Warm Down, Paine -- Dilute and apply to affected area.

Liver Cleanse & Support -- Chamomile, Cypress, Lavender, Lemon -- Dilute and apply to liver area and along the spine; add to Redmond Clay and water, soak the feet.

Lymphatic Congestion -- Endo Relief, Vitality, Lemon -- Diffuse; dilute for massage or applying to lymph drainage areas; use in the bath.

Memorization -- Rosemary -- Inhale; apply to wrists and forehead.

Menstrual Symptoms -- Chamomile, Lavender -- Apply over abdomen & back; use in a bath; is particularly effective used with a BBL (B&B) tincture--an old Dr. Christopher formula.

Mental Confusion -- Weightless -- Inhale; diffuse; apply to wrists, forehead and back of the neck.

Mental Alertness -- Rosemary -- Inhale; diffuse; apply to wrists, forehead and back of the neck.

Metabolism -- Endo Relief -- Dilute and apply to throat and thymus area; diffuse; inhale; add to bath.

Migraine -- MyGrain, Other Oils to Try: Warm Down, Paine, Tranquility, Deeper, Deliverance -- Apply to the back of neck (a few drops in a bowl of water, then soak a washcloth, wring out and place at back of neck); apply to underside of big toe just below the fleshy part; diffuse; smell / carry a cotton ball, soaked with MyGrain, in purse or pocket. Try Deliverance for low blood sugar headaches.

Mold / Mildew -- Deliverance, Tea Tree -- Place a few drops in a squirt bottle, spray into the air or directly onto walls, windowsills, etc. Works well added to white vinegar. 

Morning Sickness -- Orange Sweet, Grapefruit -- Place behind ears, diluted, or just inhale.

Motion Sickness -- MyGrain, Peppermint -- Apply to feet, temples and wrists. Place on palms of hands, hold to nose and breathe deeply. 

Muscle Spasms -- Paine, Warm Down -- Dilute with carrier oil and massage the affected areas.

Nausea -- MyGrain, Peppermint, Inside Out -- Apply over stomach and colon. 

Nightmares -- Frankincense, Lavender, Orange Sweet -- Diffuse; place a drop or two on the pillow. 

Osteoporosis -- Warm Down, Paine, Tranquility, Deeper -- Dilute for massage; use in a bath. Supplement TriBoron or other quality calcium, Wild Yam cream or other natural progesterone. 

Overwhelmed -- Millenia -- Diffuse; wear as perfume; use in a bath; use on Auricular Therapy points (ears). 

Panic Attacks -- Tranquility -- Inhale; diffuse; wear as perfume; place over Thymus or Heart Chakra. 

Pineal & Pituitary -- Cedarwood, Frankincense -- Dilute and place on back of neck.

Pleurisy -- Vitality, Breezey, Aspire, Cypress, Thyme -- Apply diluted over the lungs - front & back. Diffuse or sniff deeply. 

Pneumonia -- Breezey, Aspire -- Inhale; place on back and chest.

Prostate -- Balance -- Dilute and massage on the inside of the ankle around the bone. 

Purify Air -- Purify, Deliverance -- Diffuse; add to water and mist into the air. 

Purify Water -- Lemon, Lime, etc. -- Add 1 drop per 1-5 gallons. 

Rashes -- Lavender -- Depending on the type of rash, dilute with either distilled water (fungal) or a Carrier Oil. 

Respiratory Ailments -- Breezey, Aspire -- Inhale; diffuse; dilute and apply to lung area on both the back and the chest. 

Sanitize -- Deliverance, Purify, Lemon -- Use as a cleaner, room spray, in a diffuser, etc.

Sciatica -- Paine, Vitality, MyGrain, Paine, Deeper, Millenia -- Dilute one of the listed oils and massage onto the lower back, across the hip and down the side of the leg; can be used in the bath or as a compress. 

Self-Expression -- Millenia -- Diffuse; use in the bath; wear as perfume.

Shock -- Basil, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary -- Hold one of the listed oils under the nose like smelling salts.

Sinus -- Aspire, Breezey -- Inhale; diffuse; dilute and apply to sinus areas on the face or on the feet.

Snoring -- Breezey, Aspire -- Place a drop or two under the nose at bedtime or diffuse in the bedroom; best results occur when these oils are used alternately, changing every few nights.

Sprains, Sports Injuries -- Warm Down, Paine, Millenia (if any structure is out of place), Deeper -- Dilute in Carrier and apply to the affected area. The Carrier should contain Arnica if there is any swelling.

Stains -- Lemon -- Place a little on the stain, rub it in and then launder. Be sure you have pure lemon oil; if it has been cut with a Carrier you will leave an additional oil stain behind.

Stamina -- Vitality -- Inhale; diffuse; dilute & apply to Thymus area; use 1 - 2 drops in the bath (no more).

Stretch Marks -- Lavender, Patchouli -- Add to Carrier Oil (or open a Vitamin E capsule - very effective) and apply all over abdomen and hip area.

Stroke -- Vitality -- Breathe deeply and apply to neck and forehead.

Structural Alignment -- Millenia, Warm Down -- Apply to the area or to the feet (to save time and effort - and also the alignment seems to remain in place longer).

Sunburn -- Lavender, see Burns -- Apply, diluted in carrier oil, to the affected area.

Thrush -- Tea Tree -- Dilute with water and wash the infected area. Not for internal use.

Thyroid -- Endo Relief (Hyper- or Hypo- types) -- Hyper- active thyroid - apply under big toes. Hypo-active thyroid - apply on top of big toes.

Ticks -- Thyme & Lavender -- 1 or 2 drops of Thyme backs the tick out; then 1 drop of Lavender every 5 minutes to prevent infection and swelling.

Toenail Fungus -- Deliverance -- Add a few drops to water and soak feet; apply locally to the area (diluting with water rather than a Carrier Oil is recommended).

Toothache -- Purify, Clove, Chamomile Roman -- Apply on the gums at the location of pain/problem and along the jawbone.

Toxemia -- Vitality -- Dilute for massage; diffuse; inhale deeply.

Varicose Veins -- Vitality -- Dilute for massage or application to area of concern; use in a bath.

Vitamin Absorption -- Warm Down -- Inhale; diffuse; dilute for full body massage; use in bath; wear on body as perfume or cologne.

Warts -- Deliverance, Purify with Clove -- Apply 1-2 drops to wart several times a day, rubbing in well. Each of these has proven successful.

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA.  There is no intent to diagnose, prescribe, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information taken from Butterfly Expressions.

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