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For our Local Customers

You can still get Earthsonnets essential oils -- in person!

We are located between Idaho Falls and Pocatello in the Thomas, Idaho area.

If you need oils or a foot zone, send me an email or Facebook message so we can schedule a meet up and I can give you directions. 

  • info[at]earthsonnets.com

  • Jenni Hunt Johnson on Facebook

We will make sure we have the oils you want and double-check the price. Once you receive the go-ahead from us, you can send a PayPal payment to get the show on the road!

Brief Descriptions of all Earthsonnets Oils


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Earthsonnets reference chart

About Us 


We are an affiliate for Butterfly Express and sell a complete line of Butterfly Express oils, at a 10% discount, along with all of their other products at our discount site.  

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