- Editing -

Now accepting manuscripts for editing!


I will consider editing family-friendly writing, without horror, erotica, graphic violence, or the occult.

We have several different levels of editing and will work with you to fit your budget. We believe that some editing is better than no editing!

Why Edit?


Let me help you create a product that allows readers to enjoy or learn from your writing without "distractions."

Distractions can take many forms including errors in grammar or word choice, awkward sentences, poor formatting, inconsistencies, plot holes, etc.

These things make your work difficult to read, causing frustration to your readers. It's hard to appreciate a book when the words don't flow smoothly.

Understandably, it's hard for authors to catch all of the problems in their own work. Somehow your brain tends to fill in missing words and clarify thoughts because you already know what you want on a page.

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