- FAQ -

Q. Is this multilevel marketing? Do I have to register or have a membership to order from you?


A. No, there is no need to register. We are not a multi-level marketing system -- just plain old-fashioned shopping at reasonable prices!


Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Earthsonnets was born in 2006. My husband and I have been interested in alternative health care for longer than that. We fell in love with the aromas and usefulness of essential oils when we were introduced to them by a friend who had a remarkable healing experience with essential oils. I had experimented with oils before, but after hearing his story and sampling some of the oils, we decided to pursue this as a business


Q. Are your oils as good as Young Living and DoTerra?


A. I get this question a lot from people who love oils but just can't afford the high prices other companies charge. We like to let the oils speak for themselves. Yes, they are as good! I have many converts from higher priced, multi-level marketing companies. You can read some of these on my Testimonials page.


Q. What about this new Earthsonnets line of essential oils?


A. My main goal at Earthsonnets is to bring you high quality essential oils at affordable prices. In order to do that, and have greater control over my business, I decided to cut back on the oils I carry and just stock the most popular sellers. It was pretty easy to decide which oils to carry because I realized that a fairly small number of oils accounted for a huge percentage of my sales. I never wanted to be the place where you could buy every interesting and unusual oil you could think of. I'll be able to offer better prices if I keep the numbers down and concentrate on the oils that people want the most.


Earthsonnets oils were formerly called Pure Generic. These are repackaged and discounted Butterfly Express oils.


Q. Are there good essential oils for pain?


A.  We have some excellent oil blends for pain like Paine, Deeper, and Warm Down. I often use Paine first where it hurts and follow with Deeper. Many people find relief with essential oils! When I have sore muscles from gardening etc. I like to enjoy a soak in the tub with a few drops of Warm Down.


Q. What’s the connection between Butterfly Express and your company?


A. That’s a really good question!  I started out as a distributor for Butterfly Express in 2006, selling their oils at a discount on my website at www.butterflyexpress.com, and now at  www.earthsonnets.com (where you are now!). 

I used to live close to B.E. headquarters and spent many weeks taking classes there and enjoying the camaraderie. I know first hand of their knowledge of the oils industry and their integrity. Living close made it possible for me to pick up oils whenever I needed to to fill an order. Now I don't live so close, but I have built up my stock over the years so I am able to fill online orders as they come in.


A while back, Butterfly Express suggested that I start private label their oils under a different brand name. I'm not quite sure why they asked me to do this, but it's worked out well for me and I hope it has for them also. Now I have my own line of oils, called Earthsonnets, which consists of repackaged and discounted Butterfly Express oils.


Q. What cautions do you list for your essential oils?


A. Essential oils are very concentrated and powerful, and you should always use them sparingly, usually diluted, and with good judgment.


The cautions you find in the descriptions of our oils are as follows:

P - Avoid or caution if pregnant.

E - Avoid if epileptic.

S - May irritate sensitive skin.

SS - Sun sensitive (phototoxic). Do not expose to UV light for 12-18 hours after application.


Q. Do pure essential oils like yours go farther?
A. Yes!  The purity and quality of our oils provide savings because you only need to use a very small amount. For instance, I love to add oils to my bath water and soak in the blissful aroma. But I only put three or four drops in the whole tub. Believe me, that's plenty. You'll appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing there are no harmful chemicals whatsoever in our oils.



Q. Do you recommend using diffusers?


A. I love diffusers -- they really get the oil molecules into the air (without using heat). It's a wonderful way to share oils with the whole family, or whoever happens to be around. :-) My favorite diffuser is no longer available, but there is a nice assortment at www.abundanthealth4u.com


Q. Should I take your essential oils internally?


A. The essential oils we sell are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and, in many cases, food grade. So, why don't we recommend ingesting our essential oils? Aren't they pure enough?


The answer is that they are very pure -- pure enough and highly concentrated enough to cause serious damage if used internally without the necessary expertise. Do you know which oils are toxic and should never be ingested by anyone, no matter what brand they are? Unless you've made this a rigorous study, it's not likely that you do.


For these, and other reasons, the International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend ingestion of essential oils unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical aromatherapy.


I know what it feels like to put a drop of a strong undiluted essential oil, like Clove or Oregano, on my skin. Sometimes, depending on which oil it is, it burns -- a lot. I can't imagine putting something like that in my mouth or down my esophagus. Of course, you can use capsules, but I still don't see the sense in it.


There is nothing you can do with oils internally that you can't do externally--the oils know where to go and what to do, not matter where you put them. I see no advantage in taking them internally.


The molecules in essential oils are very small and are easily and quickly absorbed through the skin. Here is a quote from LaRee's Westover's book, Butterfly Miracles: "Essential oils absorb so readily into the body and pass through the cells to the needed areas so efficiently that it would rarely be of any additional benefit to take them orally."


Try putting a strong scented oil on the bottoms of your feet and see if you can't "taste" it in just a few seconds. A word of caution: essential oils are highly concentrated and can easily be misused orally, but it would be nearly impossible to apply a lethal dose to your skin or inhale the same.


I put Deliverance (which is like Thieves) on my toothbrush, use Peppermint for a breath freshner, and often put a drio of lemon in my water bottle. I know these are all safe practices. But I never take oils internally for therapeutic purposes.

I, personally, also use essential oils to purify water. (See below.)


Q. Where on my body should I put the essential oils?


A. You can benefit by putting diluted oils directly on (or over) the part of the body that you want to treat. 

Often, when I need Lavender for a headache, I put some on my wrists and rub on my temples. Depending on which oil you're using and what you're using it for, you don't usually need to worry too much about where you put it. The oils are very good at finding their way around in the body and doing their work.

You can also just inhale them or put three or four drops in the bathtub. Diffusers are great for sending those little oil molecules out into a room for everyone to enjoy.

Many of the descriptions you read tell you to apply oils to the appropriate areas of the feet. This probably comes from someone who is familiar with foot zoning. I've been thinking of putting some foot maps on my website, since I am a foot zoner too and know what they're talking about. For now, though, most reflexology pictures will give you some idea of the areas of the feet that correspond with other parts of the body. In other words, you can gain benefits throughout the body by putting oils on the part of the foot that corresponds to that part of the body.


Q. How pure are your oils?

A. We sell only 100% food grade and therapeutic grade, with no additives, and never cut with less expensive oils. The manufacturer receives paperwork on each of the oils, which come from all around the world.


Q. Why are your prices so (relatively) low?

A. We have no multi-level marketing system to support. This makes an extremely big difference in price, bringing huge savings to you. Unless you're planning to sell oils in an MLM system, you may want to consider how this type of company affects the price of oils you want to use.



Q. Do you ship internationally?


A. We ship only to U.S. addresses. There are so many different regulations for shipping oils to other countries, it's just not possible for us to do it at this time. If you live outside the U.S. and really want to order some of our oils, please use the address of a friend or family member who lives in the U.S. and knows best how to get them to you.


Q. Are your oils “Organic”?

A. Our oils come from all over the world. The word "organic" can mean different things in different countries, and refers to the growing conditions of the plant materials the oils are derived from. Oils could be organic at first, but adulterated or diluted before they are bottled. That being the case, essential oil companies often go with a better defined standard, Therapeutic Grade, that follows the oils further through the process of becoming a product. Our essential oils are 100% pure, Therapeutic Grade, and many are also Food Grade. You can read more about this topic here:


Q. Does the EOBBD certification of some competitors guarantee a purer oil?


A. There is no reason for us to think that a standard like EOBBD (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) would assure that oils certified as such have any better quality or justify the exorbitant prices that seem to accompany this certification. 

Our oils speak for themselves. Once people try our oils, they are convinced and, with a little experience, are able to test other brands and detect the differences in quality. I have been practicing "energy healing" for many years and I don't believe any other company's oils have a "higher energy," as some claim.

There is a nice article here on tests and standards.



Q. Are your oils ever cut or diluted?


A. No!  You deserve pure oils. Ours are absolutely never cut or diluted with anything. As soon as oils are mixed with something else, even a high quality carrier oil like almond or coconut, they begin to break down. If you acquire essential oils that have been cut with other, cheaper oils, you will know -- they will not last well and will eventually become rancid.

Our oils come from major distributors who have been in business for years and have gained the trust of their customers.



Q. Why can I buy cheaper oils at some stores?


A. Many in-store oils have been repackaged and mixed with carrier oils. Mixed oils are definitely cheaper, but they cannot be considered pure and can more easily go rancid before you use them up. I have noticed that the cheaper oils in local health food stores have words like "with Jojoba" on their labels. Sometimes these extra ingredients are hard to find on labels, or the makers consider the concoction pure because both the essential oils and the extras were pure by themselves.



Q. What exactly are Blends?


A. Our blends are synergistic combinations of 100% single essential oils and nothing else.



Q. What is your return policy?


A. You can always return a sealed oil to us (within 30 days) for full refund, unless it was a special order. If you’ve opened an oil please let us know why it didn’t meet your expectations, and we will gladly work with you. You will be responsible for return shipping, but we will refund all or part of the original shipping charges, depending on the circumstances.



Q. Do you have a store front?


A. No. We are now located in the forests of Northern Idaho and don’t have a storefront. 



Q. Who do I contact to find the best oil for what ails me?


A. Try researching it yourself. Our website has lots of information and much more can be found on the internet. You may want to start with these two links: Choosing Oils and our Catalog.



Q. Do you offer starter kits? I don't know where to begin!

A. Yes, we have starter kits! The 1st Oils kit would be a great place to start. It has some of the basic and most popular oils. Our first aid handout also gives good ideas for using oils in every day situations. If you're worried about the flu, we also have a kit for that.



Q. How should I store essential oils?


A. It's best to keep essential oils not too cold (like, not in the fridge) and not too hot. Heat is probably their worst enemy. If an oil gets hot, like when it's left in the car, just don't open it until it cools down, as the oils become much more volatile when warm and portions of them may evaporate if they can.

Since the bottles are brown, you don't have to worry so much about keeping them out of the sunlight, but that's a good idea too. So, a cooler dark place is best.

If you follow these guidelines, your oils will last a long time. I have some in my personal collection (that I don't use often) that I've had for years and they are still great.

There is a good article on the shelf life of oils at ButterflyExpress.com under the Information tab.