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Songs with words and music by Jenni Johnson - vocals by Bonnie Johnson

Audio recordings and piano by Masa Fukuda


Never Leave Us - Jenni's favorite


Miracles - Bonnie's favorite

My First Covenant - for Iree's baptism


Just for fun, Bonnie and I recorded the song we sang at my mom's funeral, at her request.


​I'll Fly Away

And here's a slower version, live from the funeral service, with Dave Hunt on guitar -- in a really low key!


I'll Fly Away, with Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt - Alabama Jubilee - more @ Danny Hunt

Danny & Dave Hunt - Orange Blossom Special

Download sheet music for:

Never Leave Us

Never Leave Us - advanced piano


Arrangements by Anthony Phan

No charge for non-commercial personal, school, church, or community use. Contact me if you are interested in commercial use.

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