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My Hunt and Hill Ancestors

John Ebenezer Hunt & Caroline Andrus Family

     Children: Ray, Guy, Earl, Purcell, Lester, Vernal (lived 3 months), Melvin, and Eva

William Henry Hill, Jr. & Christina Sophia Hill Family

     Children: Hazel, Edith, Leona, Verna, LaVon, Stella, Dean, Vesta, and Mildred


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Parents of Purcell Byron Hunt

John Ebenezer and Caroline Andrus Hunt

Parents of Purcell Hunt

John and Caroline Hunt

Caroline Hunt with mother and family

Caroline Andrus and Caroline Weatherbee Family Group

Parents of Stella Cora Hill

William Henry Hill, Jr. and Christina Sophia Johnson

Stella Hunt's mother and brother

Christina and Son, LaVon Hill

Back L to R: Leona Kent, Mrs. Kent, Christina Hill, Verna Hill, LaVon Hill. Front: Mick, Vesta, and

Hill family in Ora, Idaho

Leona, Verna, Stella, Vesta, Mildred

Stella and Sisters

Stella with brother, Dean Hill

Dean Hill & Stella Hunt

Percy and friend from Carey, Idaho

Oscar Dodge and Percy Hunt

Leona, Verna, Purcell, Stella, Mildred

Percy and Stella with her Sisters


Purcell's Siblings and Spouses

Percy's only Sister and their Mother

Eva and Caroline Hunt

Wife of Purcell Byron Hunt

Stella Cora Hill

Percy Hunt, husband of Stella

Purcell Byron Hunt

Hill Sisters

Stella & Leona Hill

Stella and Percy with her sister, Edith

Stella, Percy, and Edith Hill

Stella Hill and Percy Hunt

Stella and Percy

Percy at his brother, Ray's, gas station

Ray and Percy Hunt

Percy's brothers, Ray & Guy

John Ray and James Guy Hunt

Percy's brother, Guy

James Guy Hunt

Percy's brother, Earl

William Earl Hunt

Percy's brother, Lester

Lester D. Hunt

Percy's brother

Melvin Hunt

Percy's brothers, Ray & Lester

John Ray & Lester D.

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