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Purcell and Stella Hunt Family

Beatrice (Cloyd Mecham), Ronda Purcell (Betty Ruth Patterson), William Donald (Billie Evelyn Hunt), John Keith (Mary J Blackwell), and Mildred (Boyd Kembur Barton)

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Percy saddles up

Donald, Ronda, Purcell

Stella & Percy in front of Carey house

Stella and Percy Hunt

Stella & Percy in front of their home

Stella and Percy Hunt

Percy at their home in Carey, ID

Purcell Byron Hunt

Petunias cut

Billie Hunt with Stella and her Petunias

Hunt Sisters

Mildred and Beatrice Hunt

Ronda Hunt Sr Pic cut

Ronda Purcell Hunt

Don Hunt

William Donald Hunt

Keith Hunt

John Keith Hunt

Front: Keith, Mary, Billie (Wife of Donald). Back: Percy, Stella, Betty, Ronda.

Hunt Couples

Bea, Cloyd, and Ken

Beatrice and Cloyd Mecham with Kenny

Boyd, Mildred, and Bea

Boyd and Mildred Barton with Beatrice Mecham

Ronda sofa cut

Ronda Purcell Hunt

Betty leaning forward cut

Betty Ruth Patterson Hunt

Don and Billie in Baker City, Oregon

Donald and Billie Hunt

Keith, husband of Mary

John Keith Hunt

Boyd Barton

Boyd Kembur Barton

Mary Hunt

Mary J. Blackwell Hunt

Mildred on Phone cut

Mildred Fontella Hunt Barton

Row 1: Keith Mildred. Row 2: Percy, Stella. Row 3: Ronda, Betty, Mary, Bea, Cloyd, Boyd. Row 4: Don,

Purcell and Stella Hunt family

Back: Ken, Rick. Middle: Cloyd, Bea. Front: Milo.

Wallace Cloyd and Bea Mecham Family

Back: Ronda, Peggy, Betty, Phyllis. Front: John, Bill.

Ronda and Betty Hunt Family

Don, Larry, Jenni, Billie, Tony, Dave

Don and Billie Hunt Family

Front: Mary, Keith, Linda. Back: Susan, Dale, Joan

Keith and Mary Hunt Family

Toni, Boud, Mildred, Jim, Connie, Jack

Boyd and Mildred Barton Family

Ronda, Donald, and Keith Hunt

Variations on a Theme

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