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10 Ways to Use Essential Oils in Your Daily Routine

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

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Adina Grigore's new book, Just the Essentials, is a companion and an extension of her first book, Skin Cleanse. Here's what she has to say: "In Skin Cleanse I detailed out my skincare and wellness philosophy, which is rooted in the axiom of using whole, natural ingredients to heal skin. Switching to a natural, simple skincare routine utterly transformed my skin — and my health — and is the inspiration behind the five-ingredients-or-less products of S.W. Basics."

"In my crusade to clean up my skin and personal care routine, however, I stumbled upon essential oils. At first I thought they just smelled great and served as an amazing alternative to synthetic fragrance (which is probably one of the most irritating ingredients out there). But I quickly learned that essential oils didn’t just make my DIYs more fragrant, they made them better. Essential oils are powerful, therapeutic plant compounds that can work in myriad of ways to improve your life and your health."

Now, I not only use them in my skincare, I integrate them in all aspects of my life: Tea tree oil to make toothpaste, eucalyptus oil to ward off insects, lemon oil to clean counters, clary sage oil to combat hormonal acne, sweet orange oil to boost my mood… This list is virtually limitless.

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