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Blessings never smelled so good!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

pine wreath

We are so fortunate to have essential oils to help us maintain our health, and the aromatic factor is an amazing bonus. Isn't it incredible that we can breathe in the aroma of evergreens and it fills our respiratory system with an essence designed specifically for healing that part of the body? That's just one of the many miracles that can prompt us to "live in thanksgiving daily."

Lately I've been thankful for Deliverance and Tea Tree, which I breathe in throughout the day when I feel a cold coming on, and for Aspire to rub on my grandson's chests when they wake up in the morning with coughs, and Inside Out to soothe tummy aches, and Paine for calming a sore shoulder, and Rosemary for after-shampoo hair care. Lots of others, too -- they're all blessings!

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