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Back to School Survival

Updated: Jan 7

This time of year, if you've got kids or grand-kids back in school, essential oils could become some of your best friends. Here are some ideas to cover issues like anxiety, building the immune system, and concentration.

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For kids with ADHD and hyperactivity, Butterfly Express recommends Millenia. From their book, Empowering Yourself ... "Applying Millenia to the feet at least once a day can make a profound difference in a child's ability to sit still and concentrate. I use the feet because it is an excellent place to draw essential oils into the body. I also like the feet because the person (it is often a little boy) can put his shoes back on, go to school, and no one teases him because he "smells like flowers." Also consider using Tranquility along with Millenia."

For students, Butterfly Express recommends three special blends:

Crystal Clear clears and energizes the mind and increases mental alertness. This blend is very effective when studying or needing to remember difficult or complicated data. It helps to organize the thought processes, allowing more accurate recall later.

Focus increases mental alertness, clears that "foggy" feeling, and helps to alleviate mental confusion. It is a great aid to students and others when they face the need to commit something to memory quickly and be able to recall it with ease later.

IQ alleviates mental fatigue and increases mental alertness. It aids in concentration and memory. It is particularly useful when one is over-tired but must continue on until a project is completed.

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