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Calming Oils

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

As I started creating my monthly newsletter, it struck me that the oils I'd chosen to be on sale fit into a "calming" theme -- on both the emotional and physical levels. I decided to make this a personal message, telling what these particular oils do for me. The text is below.

It's amazing how these oils can calm me on the inside and out, at the same time -- reminding me that everything is connected!

Calming Oils and How I Use Them

Frankincense is my go-to for supporting skin conditions that manifest on a deeper level than a cut or a scratch. I also breathe it in when I need something a little more calming than Lavender for soothing the soul.

I use Lavender as more of an everyday oil for supporting all sorts of physical and emotional issues, from skin care and burns to insomnia, headaches, strained muscles, inflammation, and to minimize scarring. It's gentle so I can use it undiluted (please test before trying), but I also keep some handy in a small bottle of coconut carrier oil for quick fixes.

Inside Out is considered a miracle in my family. I apply some to my abdomen and also inhale it from the bottle when I have any type of digestive issue that needs some support. I carry a little vial in my purse so I don't have to worry about tummy upsets while I'm away from home.

GoodNite soothes inflamed sinuses and also makes me feel peaceful at bedtime. I especially like it when traveling.

The aroma of Grapefruit is my favorite single oil scent, and it's known for being a natural appetite suppressant. Breathing this oil is uplifting and it also gives me the feeling of being "nourished."

Tranquility was my first introduction to Butterfly Express oils. My husband and I went to visit the owner of B.E. 13 years ago to see his new greenhouse. We got talking about oils, which I had experimented with for years, and he gave us a bottle of Tranquility as we were leaving. We fell in love with it immediately and the rest is history!

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