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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Essential oils support our systems in the most delightful ways. They are pure and natural, with amazing aromas, and no worries about harmful side effects.

Lovely aromas, especially from flowers, have always been intoxicating to me. Just thinking about the carnations, lily of the valley, roses, and lilacs that I enjoyed as a young girl bring a flood of pleasant memories. That's the limbic part of the brain at work -- the center of emotional memory and pleasure.

Many essential oils have the capability of affecting the limbic system and helping us to heal deep emotional wounds. That's because aromatic signals, like those from essential oils, bypass the thought process and go straight to the brain. Some oils that are especially good for the limbic system are It's fascinating how that works, but it's easy to understand the impact aromas have in our lives, like the memory of homemade bread fresh from the oven, your mother's perfume, digging in the garden, and even a host of unpleasant ones.

From the Butterfly Miracles book: "It is now known in scientific circles that every cell of our bodies contain memories, even memories that have passed along family lines, much like the tendency to a certain eye color or curly hair. The aroma of essential oils reaches into this level of the body and aids us in releasing patterns that are not serving us well."

Some good oils for the limbic system are:

Frankincense - making connections, meditation

Lavender - calming

Millenia - aligns energies

Orange - uplifting

Patchouli - grounding and balancing

Rosemary - memory and mental alertness

Tranquility - relieves anxiety, stress, and tension

When I was very young, I loved to look through magazines and cut out pictures of flowers. My very wise mother bought me a big scrapbook where I could display my treasures. I would spend hours adding to my collection and admiring those pictures. Who knows where I got my love of flowers?

man picking flowers

Oh yeah, that's my dad, the coach, coming home from an "away" track meet. He had the boys out gathering flowers, too -- projects for his biology class. :) We picked and pressed a lot of flowers together!

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