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Safe and Sound

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

From the June newsletter:

Don't forget essential oils for your daily needs. There are many oils that can help you feel calm and relaxed in these anxious times. Lavender, Cedarwood, and Orange Sweet are some of my favorites! I rub drops of Deliverance on my hands as an on-the-go purifer, and then I breathe it in to help keep the respiratory system healthy. I've also been using Lavender Lotion and Ageless Lotion daily for after-sun skin care.

New Catalog

Find out about recent price changes in the complete Butterfly Express product catalog. From what I can see, the increases are fairly minor. But that's all the more reason to shop and save at our shop and save with us! (Look for the new catalog under Pricing.)

Don't forget to use the coupon code LuvMyButterfly when you order!

Child Resistant Caps are Coming!

Here's the safety-wise plan from Butterfly Express:

"In our ongoing effort to improve our products we have located caps for our products that are child resistant and also user friendly. We are in the process of converting to these caps for all of our products."

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