• Jenni

So Many Oils to Choose From!

Have you ever wished someone could just tell you which oils you need? The struggle is real. :-) Butterfly Express alone carries over 280 high quality essential oils! The good thing is that there are a few basic oils, and since each one has multiple benefits, you can cover a lot of issues without buying a basket-full. Based on the popularity of oils in the former Earthsonnets store, and my own personal experiences, I've come up with four "tiers" of oils to add to your home health supply. You can see the first tier here. This is the group I would get first, with others following in order. Click Learn More to see the other tiers. Descriptions are available for each oil if you follow this link.

Click Shop Now to purchase oils from Butterfly Express. (Enter the coupon code LuvMyButterfly to save 10% every day.)

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