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What I like about these oils

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

This is a compilation of my own personal "what I like about" oils descriptions.

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Aspire is at the top of my list for fighting coughs or anything like a chest cold. Also, when I get some kind of allergy attack it usually affects my eyes the most. I can get pretty good relief by waving an open bottle of Aspire back and forth under my eyes.

Balance is all about hormones, and it helped me get through menopause in a kind and gentle way. This oil is sometimes overlooked, but when you need it, you need it.

My most interesting experience with Basil came with my mother, who had pretty much lost her sense of smell. I'd read that basil could help with that, and she was willing to experiment, so she kept a bottle next to her bed and inhaled Basil every day. In a couple of months, she reported that she could actually smell things once in a while.

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Besides the fact that Bergamot smells great, I've found it helpful for relieving feelings of despair or anger - especially when those feelings come from another person's sad experiences.

Birch was the first oil to teach me that essential oils play an important part in some common drugstore products. The methyl salicylate in birch is what gives Bengay its distinctive smell! Birch is a part of many oil blends used for pain, but sometimes it's nice to just use Birch by itself (diluted of course). It's like an old friend.

Aspire and Breezey are both great when you have a cold, allergies, or congestion, but I especially love the combination of oils in Breezey: basil, birch, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, and ravensara. Delightful! Basically, I think of Breezey for upper respiratory and Aspire for lower.

Cedarwood is my go-to oil for deodorant purposes. There are lots of oils you could use, but I like its mild, mellow scent, and it works really well for me!

Chamomile Roman is mild, super relaxing, and great for winding down -- just like Chamomile tea -- since it calms on both emotional and physical levels. That's why people love it for insomnia, tension, headaches, nervous digestion problems, PMS, and fussy babies. I love soaking in the tub with two or three drops of Chamomile. It's also cleansing to the blood.

Recently, Clove oil came to my rescue once again to destroy a battlefield of mold. This time it was hiding out along a basement wall. Little did I know that the same thing we used as kids to make those crazy, powerfully flavored toothpicks would also bless my life as an adult. :-)

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Deeper is my first choice for bruises, and it's also great for muscle pain. Paine and Deeper are a great team for soothing muscle aches.I also use it in the tub.

Deliverance is by far my most-used oil. I love it for every germ concern, whether it's breathing it in whenever I fly, to spraying doorknobs, to rubbing it on my hands when they might be exposed to something scary.

Endo Relief is an interesting oil because it works internally on things we don't think much about. There are times when I can hardly live without it, and times when I don't need it for a long time. When I feel like something's out of balance, I muscle test to see if I need Endo Relief.

I often feel more like using a single oil, for whatever reason, and Eucalyptus is a prime example of that. I love Aspire and Breezey for respiratory problems, but sometimes I want something simple and to the point -- so I reach for Eucalyptus.

All of the evergreen oils support respiration, and isn't it great that they also smell so nice when you breathe them in? Fir, Idaho Balsam is the premiere Christmas tree scent so, of course, it's one of my favorites!

Frankincense is my go-to for skin conditions that manifest on a deeper level than a cut or a scratch. I also breathe it in when I need something a little more calming than Lavender for soothing the soul.

One of my earliest birthday memories is the gift of a geranium plant from a friend. The aroma never fails to bring me warm feelings. And I know a woman in her 90's who receives lots of compliments on her youthful skin. Applying Geranium oil, with carrier oil, to her face is part of her daily routine. Sage advice!

There's nothing like a Ginger bath when you need an energy reset. Ginger also helps with digestive issues (like nausea), and I breathe it in to get relief.

GoodNite soothes inflamed sinuses and also makes me feel peaceful at bedtime. I especially like it when traveling.

The aroma of Grapefruit is my favorite single oil scent, and it's known for being a natural appetite suppressant. Breathing this oil is uplifting and it also gives me the feeling of being "nourished."

Inside Out is considered a miracle in my family. I apply some to my abdomen and also inhale it from the bottle when I have any type of digestive issue. I carry a little vial in my purse so I don't have to worry about tummy upsets while I'm away from home.

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If I could only have three essential oils, Lavender would definitely be one of them. (Peppermint and Deliverance are the others.) Lavender is calming, helps with all kinds of skin issues from rashes and sunburns to mosquito bites, helps you sleep, etc. etc. It covers a lot of territory!

Lemon is one of the happiest, most uplifting oils. I breathe it in to add a bit of joy to my day. I think of it as cleansing, too - for myself as well as things around the house.

Lemongrass isn't my favorite aroma, but many people just love it. I do know that it's great for purifying and cleaning, and it provides a wide variety of other benefits.

Whenever I feel like something is out of alignment, like I need to see a chiropractor, I reach for Millenia. Because I'm a foot zoner, it's easy to apply Millenia to the corresponding spine, or knee, or whatever area on the foot.

MyGraine is an oil I don't have much experience with because Lavender usually takes care of my headaches, but if I get a bad one, I reach for MyGraine.

Orange Sweet is delightful and uplifting. I like to keep it handy when I need a little boost. It's nice to clean with, too.

Oregano came to my rescue a few years ago when I had a cough that just kept hanging on - forever! I was searching for one more thing to try when a man at a preparedness store suggested Oregano, and that was my answer.

Paine comes to my rescue on a regular basis! The last time I helped build a house, every night I would do a few Tai Chi moves and put Paine on my shoulders and upper back. I would be so sore and exhausted that I was sure I couldn't work the next day, but I put the Paine on right before bed and woke up ready to go the next morning. That was a miracle. I still turn to this oil whenever I've overdone an activity, which is frequently!

I use Peppermint to keep me awake when I'm driving, to keep pests away, to soothe insect bites, for tummy aches,and lots more! Peppermint has a great candy-cane presence. One of my first online customers, a man named Red, said that he used this oil to help him stop smoking. He said that a tiny dab from the top of the bottle, to his finger, to his tongue gave him the "zap" he needed to stop a craving. Interesting!

The distinct aroma of Purify comes from Lemongrass, which is a favorite when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. I have to admit that it's not a first choice for me, but I have to respect an oil that so many people love. I hear it's good for repelling mice, too!

Rosemary oil is very important to me and my hair. I find that I lose a lot less hair in my brush when I apply diluted Rosemary after every shampoo. It's also good for memory, so it sure can't hurt to be putting it on my head!

I love all mints, but Spearmint oil is different in that it's calming. I've also learned that it may help strengthen tooth enamel. That makes sense to me because it's used in lots of dental care products. I like to swish with it or just rub it, diluted with water, on my teeth.

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Spice C is the oil of choice for diffusing when my grandsons need a little extra protection. It's a powerful bug fighter, but it smells a little better than Deliverance (more Cinnamon and no Oregano or Thyme), so it's definitely kid friendly!

Tea Tree is also on my short list of must-have oils. Deliverance is great for attacking all sorts of bugs, but if I need help with anything yeast or anti fungal related, Tea Tree is the one. Whenever I think I'm getting a cold, I use both Deliverance and Tea Tree right away to cover all the bases.

Tranquility was my first introduction to Butterfly Express oils. My husband and I went to visit the owner of B.E. 13 years ago to see his new greenhouse. We got talking about oils, which I had experimented with for years, and he gave us a bottle of Tranquility as we were leaving. We fell in love with it immediately and the rest is history!

I turn to Vitality for anything that might be a circulation issue, like regulating the heartbeat, blood pressure, or just feeling low on energy. This is one of my must-haves!

I've been using Warm Down on a daily basis lately, since our new home is badly in need of yard work. I put it on wherever it hurts, and add a few drops to the tub when I get a chance to soak my tired muscles.

I don't have any personal experience with Weightless, but it's a pretty popular oil, maybe because it works on an emotional as well as a physical level.

Wintergreen has always been my favorite flavor for chewing gum and mints, so it's no wonder I fell in love with it as an essential oil. It smells delicious! It can also help with muscle pain, inflammation, and alertness, and I'm always happy to give it a try.

When I first started making soap, I knew I would need beautiful and strong aromas to survive the process (heat, lye, etc.). Ylang Ylang came through for me in several of my products. It's hard to describe how wonderful this little powerhouse smells.

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