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You're in Good Company

Have you noticed how much oils are growing in popularity? More people, all over the world, are catching on and we know why. Here are some of the reasons consumers find oils so appealing: (From Fortune Business Insights)

  • Essential oils fit right into the "green" movement.­­­

  • There is a growing demand for natural products.

  • Health awareness is increasing.

  • Preference for natural oils vs synthetic chemicals.

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The Growing Essential Oils Market

Essential Oils are projected to rise nearly 10% annually through 2026, says Fortune Business Insights. Increasing use in the cosmetics industry is helping to fuel the growth.

"Essential oils are hydrophobic liquids that are extracted from plants. The oils capture scent and flavor or essence from the sources that they are derived. The growing trend of ‘green’ consumerism has primarily driven the adoption of essential oils. Additionally, the demand for naturally-derived products and their increasing preference over its synthetic counterparts will provide opportunities for market growth. The advances in ingredient formulation have enabled variations in product offerings. As a result, there is a huge potential for companies operating in the market. The increasing health awareness regarding the adverse effects of synthetic chemicals will lead to a subsequent rise in the demand for essential oils in major countries across the world."

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