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Rock house built by William Henry Hill - in Preston, Idaho (across from the Library)


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William Henry Hill, Sr. 

Son of James and Charlotte Timms Hill
Husband of Isabella Brigett Wells


Presented here is the life story of my great grandfather, written by his own hand. In it he tells of his life in England and subsequent conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which led to his immigration to America.

His story has been an inspiration to me, so I wanted to make it available to all of his descendants and anyone else who cares to read it. If you are a descendant, you'll be delighted to claim this man as an ancestor.

I have seen several versions of this story and had to choose how to present it. I don’t have a copy of the original with me because I’m moving, but I will check it once more when it’s in my possession. I have chosen to correct spelling errors and break up long paragraphs, but have left the British spellings and most of the interesting punctuation and capitalization. I’ve also added subtitles to make the story easier to navigate. And although he calls it a biography, I call it an autobiography because he wrote it himself.

I’ve found a few variations of the name of William’s grandmother, Susannah, who is listed in his story as Susannah Champlain.

When I moved to southern Idaho, my daughter and I visited the library many times in Preston. Across the street is the Matthias Cowley home, which has a monument in the front yard showing that the LDS apostle, Mathew Cowley, was born there. One day, as I was reading William’s autobiography, I realized that this was the same rock house he that talks about building.

In my grandmother’s story (Stella Cora Hill Hunt), she talks about spending time with her Grandpa Hill, who was the sexton at the cemetery in Richmond, Utah. He is buried there beneath a beautiful monument. 

Please enjoy this autobiography from a man of faith and integrity and pass it along to your family.

Jennifer (Jenni) Hunt Johnson

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